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Tomato Rice Cooker

This healthy tomato rice is make with the rice cooker.

Tomato rice cooker. Add water to just cover all ingredients. Add rice corn pea carrot ham into rice cooker put a tomato in the center. Tomatorice lunchboxrecipetomato riceingredientsoil 3 tbl spooncinnamon stick 1cardamom 2cloves 2bay leafginger garlic paste 1 tbl spoononion 2m. Here is a simple meal using a rice cooker.

Add the fresh tomato chopped two tomatoes into small chunks and add to the mixture in the saucepan. This is a simple method and recipe for tomato rice. How to make tomato rice recipe directly in electric rice cooker without using a kadai. I like to cut the.

How to make tomato rice in an electric rice cooker. This malaysian tomato rice recipe is easy to prepare and fit for every banquet table. We like to keep our dishes simple and easy to make. This serves two to three people.

Press cook of the rice cooker. New videos uploaded every tuesdaythursday and saturday at 9 amsimple tomato rice in pressure cooker simple and spicy tomato rice recipe how to make toma. 10 minutes cook time. You dont have to constantly stir or monitor the dish and it comes out perfectly.

Here is a super simple way to make a delicious rice dish and all you need is a tomato and a rice cookermy favorite rice cooker. 1 tomato corn peas diced carrots cubed. 20 minutes total time.